Am I Eligible?

To be eligible to register with Homeownership Westminster, you must:

  • have lived or worked in Westminster for at least the last year
  • be a first time buyer or you will have sold any property you owned in the UK or abroad prior to completing on a property in Westminster

Additionally, you must not exceed the maximum household income threshold of £90,000.

There may be occasions where the maximum household income may be lower than those stated above. Therefore it is recommended to check the details of the property you are interested in.

Please note, that for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties, priority will go to families with children, then sharers, followed by couples and then single applicants.

Once you have registered with us there may be further eligibility criteria you must meet before applying for schemes such as:

Once you have registered with us there may be further eligibility criteria you must meet before applying for schemes such as:

  • Income
  • Savings
  • Assets
  • Length of registration

We will give you information about your eligibility for the schemes you are interested in and advise you how to proceed.

What is the selection process?

Once you have registered with us, we will let you know the priority group you have been given. This will be based on your current housing situation and the information you provide on your registration form.

You will be placed in one of the following priority groups:

Priority Group Category Priority Group Details
1 Social housing tenants giving up their property for nomination to WCC waiting list. First offer within band to Social Housing tenants – all Council and RP tenants living in Westminster.
  MOD serving personnel. Second offer to MOD serving personnel*.
  Sons and daughters of existing Council tenants who are currently overcrowded

Third offer to sons and daughters of existing council tenants that are overcrowded in their Westminster City Council home.

  (Current discounted rental/IMR tenants in housing association property within
Westminster) only when moving from rental in to an intermediate housing purchase scheme in Westminster
Fourth offer to current housing association discounted rental/IMR tenants, residing in Westminster, when vacating the property, in order to purchase a property through intermediate housing, which provides an opportunity for WCC to nominate in to the resultant vacant property (subject to verification by your existing landlord and Homeownership Westminster).
2 Waiting List for
Council Housing

Homeless duty owed to re-house.

Applicants in Westminster Council temporary accommodation.

3   All other Council Housing Waiting List categories.
4 Westminster residents

Currently living in Westminster.

(No nomination offer will be made until the term of residency is at least 12 months unless agreed by Westminster Council.)

5 Working in Westminster

People employed in Westminster.

First preference within this group given to key workers meeting Westminster’s definition**, over other professions.

(No nomination offer will be made until the period of employment in Westminster is at least 12 months unless agreed by the city council.)

* Regular Service Personnel; Clinical Staff (excluding doctors/dentists); MoD Police Officer; Uniformed Staff in Defence Fire Service; Full-time Reserve Service; Surviving Partner of Regular Service Personnel who died in service within the last 12 months; Service personnel that have successfully completed basic phase 1 training; Ex-Regular Service Personnel.

** Westminster key workers are: NHS Health Service Clinical Staff (excluding doctors and dentists); Public Sector Teachers; Police; Social Care Workers (with a professional qualification only).

Properties will be offered to households with the highest priority. If they do not complete the purchase, it will then be offered to the next highest priority household and so on until the property is taken.

Please note you have an obligation to inform the service of any subsequent changes in your circumstances once you have registered with the service, to ensure your registration remains valid.

How do I find out about new properties on the market?

Please visit the Property section of the website to search for and view new housing developments.

Unless otherwise requested, once you register your details will be given to the providers of housing schemes and they will then contact you directly. They will usually email or post you information about new properties that come on to the market.

If you are aware of an opportunity, you can contact Homeownership Westminster who will contact the provider on your behalf, as long as you are eligible.