Changes to the intermediate housing applicant priority bandings

Submitted on 10 January 2017 - 12:46

10 January 2017
The Westminster City Council Supply and Allocations report has now been formally approved and the changes relating to the prioritisation for intermediate housing opportunities have come in to effect. The changes are summarised below:

For those schemes that are already being bid for by applicants or are under offer these changes will not take effect. However, for all new opportunities becoming available from today (10/1/17) – including relets and re-sales, these will be impacted by the changes to priorities. Also, if there are new bids /expressions of interest from registrants in existing schemes being currently marketed and where these registrants have not bid for these schemes prior to today, these changes will also apply.

Changes to Priorities for Intermediate Housing in Westminster as set out in the S&A report:

a) changes in the allocation of intermediate homes in Westminster according to household composition. In order to avoid under occupancy of intermediate homes, in future households with a higher priority status will not automatically be allocated a larger intermediate home than they need where there are households from lower priority groups whose household need is for the size of property available . So for example, if a 2 bed intermediate home becomes available , a family (or sharers where the RP permits) from a lower priority group would be prioritised for this property over a couple or single from a higher priority group. – In the event that there are no families available then couples and then singles according to their priority status can be allocated.

b) Ex- Family quota applicants will no longer be given 3rd priority within the priority 1 priority group . Instead sons and daughters living with Council tenants who are overcrowded will replace the ex-family quota as 3rd priority within the priority 1 priory group. Those Ex family quota applicants will be reallocated a priority 4 banding, if they are still living in Westminster.

c) Discretionary Priority 1 (4th priority) status will no longer be allocated to existing intermediate rented tenants unless they are moving in to home ownership related intermediate products such as shared ownership (new build or resales), discounted market sale (new build or resales) or the Accelerator scheme (WHOA) or other saving scheme based intermediate products . Consequently, existing intermediate tenants wishing to move from an existing intermediate rented home in to another intermediate rented home in Westminster will no longer be issued a priority banding with Homeownership Westminster.