24-25 Rose Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 9EA - 1 bed apartment (with small 2nd room for office) - express your interest now

Submitted on 13 March 2020 - 15:59

Soho Housing is pleased to present the opportunity to acquire a property in a highly demanded, in-fill location. 24 Rose street is among the best located and best maintained properties in Central London. The property offers a 2 two-bedroom unit, all sitting within one of the most popular destinations in the UK, Rose Street is situated between Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

The flat includes a built in fridge, washing machine and cooker.

Please note - the second bedroom is small and therefore suitable for a baby or small child.


Priority to applicants with a current 2 bed housing need who have dependent children.

Applicants currently residing in intermediate rental (IMR) accommodation in Westminster or who have been assisted in to IMR by Homeownership Westminster previously are ineligible for this opportunity if you are currently adequately housed or you have over 6 months remaining on your current IMR tenancy.

Please ensure you meet the household income requirements before declaring an interest.

If you are offered the chance to proceed following the viewing you will need to pass referencing. If you have CCJ's, a poor credit history, or have a zero hour contract, you will not pass the referencing process.

Name of Housing Provider:

Soho Housing Association

Type of tenure?

Assured Shorthold (intermediate rent)

If Shared ownership, is this opportunity a new build or resale?


Name of development (if appropriate)

Rose Street

Full address of development (including postcode):

24-25 Rose Street,

Covent Garden,



Type of property i.e. apartment or house


Number of units available


Eligibility criteria e.g. Is it key worker specific?

Registered with Homeownership Westminster Service

Does the property have access for people with disabilities?


Minimum household income required to achieve affordability


Maximum Household Income to allow eligibility.


Number of bedrooms

1 bedroom alongside a small office/baby’s room

Number of years remaining on lease (if shared ownership or discounted market sale)


Minimum % Share Available and any restrictions on staircasing (if applicable)


Value Range of properties (min to max)

Full market value of property if resale


Value of share offered


Service Charge


Monthly Rent


Date Available